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7 Life Lessons From a 7 Year Old

I love spending time with my seven year old niece. She is like a miniature version of my sister and playing with my niece reminds me of playing with my sister when we were little girls. She is smart, sweet, and just a little sassy. I am wildly jealous of her long blonde locks that reach her waist. Her maternal instincts are on point and when I see the way she mothers her “babies,” I think of her mom mothering me.
It’s a beautiful thing.

Let me tell you something else about her. This girl has no fear. She will get on stage for her dance recitals or speed down the hill in her Ezyroller, steered only by feet and instinct with no trepidation.

I am a competitive person by nature. Whether it is the co-ed volleyball team my husband and I are on or an innocent game of Old Maid with my grandson, I play to win. My moves are methodical and calculated, so when my niece hit me up for a game of Jenga, I cracked my knuckles and put on my game face.
“Let’s do this,” I said.

I intently minded her make her moves. She won four out of five rounds. While watching her play, I learned a few things:

  1. She neither hesitated making a choice, nor was she afraid of the consequences. She did not ask me what I thought would be her best choice. She made her own decision on what she thought would work best for her and went for it.
  2. If the piece she chose did not slide out easily, she did not give up. She stuck with it and kept wiggling until it came out.
  3. After she got the piece she wanted, she was not afraid to let it go. She was in complete control of that piece and put it back on top without a care in the world.
  4. When the tower got weak and wobbly, she did not get timid. She was more determined to get the piece she wanted.
  5. When the tower finally fell, she did not get upset. She laughed and wanted to restart immediately.
  6. It is completely possible to win Jenga while suffering from hiccups.
  7. Final thought:
    I wonder if adults spend too much time trying to decide what choice to make, considering all the consequences. She just jumped right in and her decision was right more often than not.