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Paradise in a Parking Lot

The Flea Market is our church. We attend every Sunday religiously. The hawkers are our choir and the vendors are apostles. We pray to find treasures and we worship good deals. Upon entrance, we tithe one dollar to the parking lot attendant. When the clock strikes noon, we praise the food trucks for providing us with holy communion (beer and nachos.) Thanks, Blue Laws for making us wait. Our brethern walk beside us, many times nudging us out of their way – parishoners, also seeking good fortune. We often times face tribulation as we haggle for Good News on prices. Let me bear witness to you today, if you have not yet experienced how the Flea Market will change your spirit and lift your soul, you must seek it immediately and your life will be forever changed.

One such Sunday, perhaps a month ago, I stumbled upon a vintage 1970’s handmade wooden rocking horse elephant. I swear, I was led there by the hand of God Himself. It was as though I had found the Holy Grail and the sun shone down on it like gold. The masking tape price tag said only $12. Good Lord, what a bargain! My husband stepped in and offered $8. The bargaining began and a deal was struck for $10. That’s when I heard the angels sing. As we crossed the parking lot, elephant in tow, a car pulled up along side us and offered $25 for our prize. I vehemently shook my head “no.”


I had plans for this elephant. I was going to chalk paint Dumbo with the leftover gray I had from jazzing up Olive’s dresser:


I was excited to begin the project and finally had the oppurtunity yesterday. Dumbo would make a perfect addition to Olive’s yellow & gray nursery and I’m anxiously awaiting the day she can use him. I gathered my supplies, set down a tarp and got to work. I began by cutting off the rope tail and sanding the rough edges. It only took two coats of paint and I still have more leftover! Only God knows what I will paint next. While Dumbo was drying, I decided to make a new tail. I used the leftover yellow & white chevron printed fabric I had used to make Olive’s shabby tutu for her “Big Sis” Yellow Chair pic. Unfortunately, her little brother went to be with the other angel babies in Heaven. You can read the blog here.


I’m pretty excited with the final result. Dumbo fits nicely in the nursery and the color is beautiful. I like that I was able to use the leftover fabric and I think it pays a quiet little homage to the son we lost. Hallelujah!


I like to think my creativity is a gift from God and He expects me to use the gift He has given. I arrive at the Flea Market with an open mind as to what I may find and how I can use it to create something beautiful and useful.

1 Timothy 4:14-15
“Do not neglet the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you. Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.”





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