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The Truth Is…

The truth is, I missed you long before I even left.
I missed the way we would spoon in bed, your legs intertwined with mine. But then you stopped sleeping in the same bed as me.
I missed laying on the sofa, my head in your lap, falling asleep to whatever we were watching on the tube.
I missed catching your glance from across the room and you winking at me.
I missed us dancing. Oh, how I missed the dancing. Even if it was in the middle of the kitchen to music only the two of us could hear.
I missed Farmers Market Saturdays with you. You started going without me.
I missed the bike rides and the kayaking together. We used to do that all the time before it suddenly stopped. I still don’t know why.
I missed the way your mustache would tickle my nose when we kissed. But then you started kissing my cheek instead of my lips.
I missed the way you would grab my hand and mindlessly massage that fatty part between my thumb and forefinger. I still don’t know what that is called.
I missed the way it used to be me and you against the world. Lately, it’s been you and me against each other.
The truth is, you were already gone long before I even left.


I'm a forty-something river goddess, music enthusiast, campground manager, wife, momma to nine, and doting grandmother to four... Mostly, I'm just a gal that has a lot to say.

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