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DIY Coffee Can Christmas Tree

I like my coffee like I like my men, strong and dark. Jose and I go through 2 or 3 cans a month. I used to just put them in the recycling bin until I realized we were going through so many, I should save them for a future project. Once my pantry began filling up with coffee cans, I decided it was high time to put them to use, but how? I searched Pinterest and Google for ideas and I liked the lantern idea (here.) I imagined letting all the kids make a pattern on paper and then Jose and I punching the pattern out with nails on the cans. I still might do that!
finished22It was Saturday, December 6th. We had all four of Jose’s kids and decided to walk downtown for the Farmers Market. We had a nice lunch at Blue Moose Pizza, spent an hour perusing through the Downtown Antique Mall, picked up dessert to-go from Naegelin’s Bakery, walked to the Main Plaza to enjoy those treats, JOSE PROPOSED TO ME IN THE GAZEBO, we walked to Got Toys to say hello to my daughter Dallas and to show off my ring, then started walking home. When we walked by the window of Henne Hardware, we saw the most awesome PVC Christmas tree with ornaments inside. I didn’t get a photo, but it looked something like this:
marcie-tree-001x-md110644_horizSuper freakin’ cool, right? We all admired it for a few minutes when Jose said, “We could make that with all those coffee cans you’re saving!” And that’s when my wheels started turning….

A few days later, after all the engagement excitement, I finally pulled my head out of the clouds and decided to come back down to Earth. I took out all the cans to see how many I had and to set up the layout.

This is where it all began.
This is where it all began.

Once I counted how many I had, I did a dry run of my layout.

013I fell in love with it already! Now that I had my layout done, I washed and dried all the cans. Don’t skip this step. Next, I decided to spray paint them with a green glitter paint, but quickly decided against that for many reasons, namely… fuck glitter. Secondly, if I did want to reuse these in the lantern project, that would suck. I decided to get some awesome Christmas wrapping paper and cover each can with paper. Turns out, that was an inexpensive and easy part of the project. I chose a silver foil paper (taped on) and it blended in well with the cans. This is what they looked like covered:


Now that I had all the cans covered, I had Jose drill a single hole through the bottom of each can. I decided it would look better if I lit this sucker up! Once the holes were all drilled, I set to work hot gluing the cans together. It was much easier for the hot glue to adhere to the wrapping paper I used and I think I would have struggled if I had spray-painted. Once everything was together, I took a string of white lights and inserted one into each hole. I used masking tape on the backside to hold the lights in place. I was finally getting to the end, but as I completed each step, I was getting happier and happier with the results! The only thing left to do was hot glue the bulbs inside. I used all red to go with my decor, but they were gloss, matte, and glitter. (I know, I know… fuck glitter. Whatever)

I put it up in my bedroom window and loved it! What do you think?
~Miss Liz

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To All the Mommies With Little Ones

As most of you know, my children are 20, 19, and 16. My step-children are 14, 10, 9, and 7. My grandson is almost 4. I don’t have babies or toddlers in my life anymore, but I do still belong to a ton of “Moms Pages” on Facebook. Almost daily I see questions moms post about co-sleeping, weening off the bottle, potty training, sippy cup, pacifier, thumb-sucking, and security blanket “addictions.”
I’m going to share something with those moms that my mom shared with me, I learned in my two decades of parenting, and I shared with my daughter who now has a little one of her own:

Every child grows at their own pace. Just because your oldest daughter potty trained at 18 months, doesn’t mean your newest will. If your cousins son was off the pacifier by the time he was 1 and your almost two-year old can’t fall asleep without it, don’t fret. If your 3 year old sleeps with you and hubby every night and you wonder if he’ll EVER sleep in his own bed, I assure you, he will.

See, here’s the thing…
How many grown adults do you see still wearing a diaper, sucking their thumb, drinking from a baby bottle, carrying around a security blanket, and sleeping with his parents? Seriously.

One day, your LO will get off the bottle, will get off the sippy cup, will learn to feed himself, won’t need diapers and will wipe his own bottom. One day he will sleep in his own bed every single night (except those few nights when he is scared, or sick, or has a bad dream,) one day he will leave for Grandma’s house or daycare and not need his blanket anymore, one day he will feel secure enough in life without it (thanks to you!) One day he will feed himself, dress himself, brush his own teeth, take baths then showers by himself, and walk all by himself.
He’s going to learn all these things you are worrying about and more. As each new day passes he will become more and more independent.
I promise you, one day you will miss co-sleeping. You would give anything to feel his cuddles in bed at night, that sweet baby smell, the toddler nighttime hiccups, and him nuzzling your chest. One day you will pick up her security blanket that you’ve held onto for years and years, and take a deep sniff hoping to smell your grown daughter’s childhood. What you would give to go back in time for just a moment, so you can feel what it was like to be your child’s center of the universe again! One day you will see your adult child drink from a beer bottle and remember how you tried so hard to ween off the baby bottle. One day you will watch your child change the diaper of their own child and smile inside knowing how much you stressed about potting training her so many years ago.

The thing is, “one day” happens sooner than you think. You are a wonderful mommy. Don’t rush things. I know I sound like your grandmother when I tell you this, but time really does go so fast…

~Miss Liz

We recreated a photo of my children, ten years later. It felt like two years later.
We recreated a photo of my children, ten years later. It felt like two years later.