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DIY Skateboard Photo Collage

If you have someone in your life who is as into skateboards as my guy is and you’re looking for a unique gift idea, look no further. Jose’s birthday is coming up and when I asked the kids what they wanted to gift him, they replied, “We figured you would plan a craft for us.” …so plan a craft I did! I was able to get my son to donate the skateboard (in return for a promise to purchase a new, better one) and I already had the other supplies, so this project was totally FREE!
If you can’t find someone to donate the board, try thrift shops, craigslist, yard sales, etc. It doesn’t have to be in good condition, just a whole skateboard.

1 Skateboard, any condition
1 can black spraypaint
1 jar Modge Podge
1 disposable paintbrush
1 metallic Sharpie
Hair Dryer

1. Remove the trucks.
Use a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers.
2. Remove the grip tape.
This is a simple process. I followed these directions and had zero problems.
3. Spray paint. I went with black so none of the lettering on the original board came through.

Before Spray Paint
Before Spray Paint


4. Once the paint is dry, begin laying out your photos. I urge you to lay out your pics first BEFORE you start to glue!
5. When you are happy with the layout, begin in the middle working your way to the outside. Use the paintbrush to spread the Modge Podge on the back of your pics, then place them where you want them on the deck.

After Adding Photos
After Adding Photos with Modge Podge

6. Once you’ve allowed for the glue to dry, turn the board over so you can add a personalized message with a metallic Sharpie.

Happy 42nd Birthday, Jose!
Happy 42nd Birthday, Jose!


You can take your final product to any skate shop and have clear grip tape put over the photo collage. Jose likes to use zip ties to display his decks on the wall. I wish I had taken pictures of his face when the kids and I presented this to him! Naturally, he posted to Instagram and FB and the feedback was awesome! I hope you enjoy this fun little project!



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3 thoughts on “DIY Skateboard Photo Collage

  1. Hi, I really like this idea and want to do the same thing! I was wondering though how did you mount the pictures onto the board smoothly, and what kind of paper the photos were printed on? It looks like its smoothed out even before you added the grip tape on. Thanks!


    1. I printed the photos on my copy machine with regular copy paper. Not glossy photo paper. The modge podge dried smoothly, but gave it a nice sheen when it dried. Let me know how it turns out!


      1. Oh okay! I saw some methods where people put the pictures on and used the mod podge to peel it off and transfer it to the wood. Did you do it that way or just leave the paper on? And thanks, I will! This is such a cute idea 🙂


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