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DIY Skateboard Photo Collage

If you have someone in your life who is as into skateboards as my guy is and you’re looking for a unique gift idea, look no further. Jose’s birthday is coming up and when I asked the kids what they wanted to gift him, they replied, “We figured you would plan a craft for us.” …so plan a craft I did! I was able to get my son to donate the skateboard (in return for a promise to purchase a new, better one) and I already had the other supplies, so this project was totally FREE!
If you can’t find someone to donate the board, try thrift shops, craigslist, yard sales, etc. It doesn’t have to be in good condition, just a whole skateboard.

1 Skateboard, any condition
1 can black spraypaint
1 jar Modge Podge
1 disposable paintbrush
1 metallic Sharpie
Hair Dryer

1. Remove the trucks.
Use a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers.
2. Remove the grip tape.
This is a simple process. I followed these directions and had zero problems.
3. Spray paint. I went with black so none of the lettering on the original board came through.

Before Spray Paint
Before Spray Paint


4. Once the paint is dry, begin laying out your photos. I urge you to lay out your pics first BEFORE you start to glue!
5. When you are happy with the layout, begin in the middle working your way to the outside. Use the paintbrush to spread the Modge Podge on the back of your pics, then place them where you want them on the deck.

After Adding Photos
After Adding Photos with Modge Podge

6. Once you’ve allowed for the glue to dry, turn the board over so you can add a personalized message with a metallic Sharpie.

Happy 42nd Birthday, Jose!
Happy 42nd Birthday, Jose!


You can take your final product to any skate shop and have clear grip tape put over the photo collage. Jose likes to use zip ties to display his decks on the wall. I wish I had taken pictures of his face when the kids and I presented this to him! Naturally, he posted to Instagram and FB and the feedback was awesome! I hope you enjoy this fun little project!


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10 Inexpensive Activities for All Ages

Now that Summer is winding down, the kids have reached the ultimate level of “I’m bored.” Since we have 8 kids at any given time ranging in ages from 3 to 20, I put together a list of fun, inexpensive activities for everyone to enjoy of any age or gender. If you have any to add, please do so in the comments. Enjoy!

1. Make rock candy
It is so easy! I found the glass jars at the Dollar Tree and bamboo skewers ($1 for a pack of 50) and clothes pins.

2. Homemade Chia Pets!
I got almost everything at the Dollar Tree, including the googly-eyes. The grass seed came from Wal-Mart.

3. Make a hula-hoop rug!
We got the hula-hoops at the Dollar Tree and used old t-shirts. The kids loved this!

4. Tie-Dye Party.
The whole kit was 14.99 at Wal-Mart. We used shirts we already had, ones with stains that we never wear, but now they have a new life!

5. Hand Painted Tic-Tac-Toe
I found this on Pinterest. Such a cute idea!
32-Of-The-Best-DIY-Backyard-Games-You-Will-Ever-Play326. Camp on the Tramp!
We put a tent up on top of the trampoline, made a campfire in the BBQ grill, made s’mores, and told ghost stories. The kids loved camping out on the trampoline.
tramp7. Most of you have seen the kids spy game idea. We put it up and the kids absolutely loved it. I went through it and it was so difficult, but so fun!
spy8. Wax paper “stained glass”
I got a huge pack of knock-off Sharpies in awesome colors from HEB for $4.99. This kept the kids entertained for hours.

9. Coffee Can Lanterns
I save my coffee cans in case I ever need them for a project. We let the younger kids map out their pattern on paper and let the older kids nail the holes. Everybody got to spray paint their coffee can. They came out awesome!

10. Recycled Bird Feeder Mobile
This was enjoyable for everyone and they all got to be original in their ideas, plus we got to do some awesome bird watching as a result!


**For all you local New Braunfels, Texas Moms**
McKenna Childrens Museum is perfect for every age and they are having an awesome Space Exhibit right now. You can get half price tickets on Groupon – 4 for $15!

Don’t forget the Train Museum. My kids love going there!
I hope you enjoy this list and please add anything you can think of!