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International Women’s Day 2014

I never acknowledge a celebrity on IWD, I prefer to choose someone whose hard work and accomplishments I personally see in everyday life. In the past I’ve celebrated my mother, sister, and daughters – all of whom were well deserving that I still hold on a pedestal. For this years woman, I’d like to acknowledge my very dear friend, Miss Kelly Mochel.
In the year that I’ve known her, my love and admiration grows daily. I’ve witnessed her face struggle and heartache head on. She always perseveres. Her positive and strong attitude pushes her through all of the challenges she faces. Always one to put others first, I’ve seen her deprive herself in order to do for others, all the while sans complaint and with a smile on her face. She is one of the greatest mothers I’ve ever known, hardest workers I’ve ever seen, and best of friends I’ve ever had.
Let me tell you something about Kelly. When she saw things going on in our city that she didn’t agree with, instead of griping about it on social media or to family and friends, she decided to stand up and try to be a voice of her friends and neighbors by throwing her hat in the ring for City Council. Elections are May 10th and from what I’ve seen, she stands a damn fine chance! Already dubbed “The Hospitality Princess,” Kelly is a fixture in our community that is pro-tourism, pro-river, and pro-local economy.
I’m so very proud of all that she has done and all she plans to do and will be right by her side as she moves forward. No matter the outcome on May 10th I know she will continue to be the strong, community-minded hard working, “hospitality princess” that she is!
So today, International Women’s Day 2014, I salute you, Kelly Mochel. You are the kind of person women everywhere (myself included) strive to be. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do!

I love you, my friend.
Always & Forever