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Happy Admininstrative Professionals Day

No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others.  The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.”
I’m excited to start training my new hire today. Usually I am already fully staffed for the season with a least a couple returnees from last season. Not this year. I am having to start over from scratch. Sure, I have Kat helping me from time to time, but soon she will open the River Store for the season and I won’t have her at all. I also have my side-kick, Sandy Pants, but that is only every other Saturday so she can keep her float status.
I’ve been asking for applicants, especially from Scooter Store employees who had been furloughed then eventually permanently laid off. I’d like to offer those in need first priority. I even made the Texas Citizen! (Which was very cool, but if I’m going to get published, I’d prefer it be with better written work than a plea for office help.)

TXWith none of my girls returning this year, I’ve put thought in to where they have all gone. Some have graduated college and moved on to get “real jobs.” Some have gotten married, had children and moved away. I have a couple in Grad School. One has switched majors mid-schooling while another has gone on to become a fabulous hair stylist. I have one that has retired and sadly another has passed away. I’ve seen my girls grow throughout the years, gain confidence in themselves, get comfortable in their own skin, fall in love, get heart-broken and sometimes fall flat on their face. Most of us keep in touch regularly, even if it is just through Facebook. I watch them from afar, keeping an eye on them…
I’m a proud momma hen!

So today, Administrative Professionals Day, I want all of my past Office Goddesses to know that I am thankful to have had them in the office and in my life. Although they are no longer here on payroll, they are here in spirit and I see pieces of them each day. I’ll run across an envelope they’ve written on, find a note on a reservation, or see their name in the system. I miss each of them in a different and special way. I wish them the very best, not only today, but every day.
Mad love to all of you!

~Miss Liz

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A Rose By Any Other Name…

Having the name Elizabeth, I’ve been called every derivative of it my entire 38 years. People are too lazy to enunciate 4 syllables. I’ve introduced myself as Elizabeth only to be asked, “Oh, do you go by Liz? (Or Beth, Betsy, Lizzy, Liz, Lizbeth, etc)”
Um, no. I feel like if I went by something other than what I am introducing myself as, I would probably have just said that in the first place. But that is neither here nor there. I’ve gone by several in my lifetime and am usually happy to not get called something derogatory.

All of that being said, I don’t know if I am the one not properly pronouncing, if it’s my shitty phone reception at work, or if people just don’t listen, but this happened yesterday:

(Answering calls)
Me: “Camp Huaco Springs, this is Liz.”
Caller: “Hi Lou, I’d like to make a reservation…”
(Did I not verbalize that “z” correctly?)

(Let’s try a different tactic)
Me: “Camp Huaco Springs, this is Elizabeth.”
Caller: “Hi Melissa, I’d like to make a reservation…”
(Who the fuck is Melissa?)

(This will work for sure)
Me: “Camp Huaco Springs, this is Beth.”
Caller: “Hi Bess, I’d like to make a reservation…”
(Seriously?! The only Bess I know is at the River Road Ice House and that gal is awesome & a one of a kind. Is Bess REALLY that common?)

(Fuck this, who needs a name?)
Me: “Camp Huaco Springs, how may I help you?”
Caller: “Yes, who am I speaking with?”
(…fuckity, shit, shit, fuck and willy. Willy, shit and fuck and… tits.)
*suddenly, I’m a character from the ‘The King’s Speech’*



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Little 15

Little 15

Fifteen. I remember it vaguely. Freshman year of high school,  learning your way around. Just starting or getting through puberty. Too old for cartoons, too young to drive. Trying to fit in and trying stand out at the same time. There are no real milestones there. It’s not like there is much difference from 14, but oh so close to 16! It’s such a tease.
It’s useless to think you’ll get along with your siblings, until you actually do. Getting along with your parents is laughable. School work is for the birds. Then of course, there is young love. Ahhhh… it’s so sweet, it’ll make your teeth hurt. The boy that breaks your heart at 15 will hurt you more than the man that breaks your heart at 35. He will stay with you forever. The bonds you form with your classmates will break at graduation (or sooner) and some will last until the end of time. I remember it being wonderful and awful at the same time. I was often lost, confused, and felt out of place. But then again, who wasn’t?

I’ll tell you who. My youngest daughter, Mikayla.
She may be the last to be born, but she is usually the first for everything. This girl knows no fear. She is like an Israeli soldier in Lebanon. She is brave, bold, clever, intense, confident, talented, loving, caring, and giving. She is also the most inwardly and outwardly beautiful girl you will ever meet. She has an IDGAF attitude wrapped in nurturing arms. She is a born leader, her older brother and sister would follow her into war. So would I. She is 15 going on 25 at times, at others she is 15 going on 5.

Today, she turns 15 and I wouldn’t trade places with her if I could (and I doubt she would trade with me if she could.) There will be no ‘Freaky Friday’ shit happening here. I admire her for everything that she is and everything I know that she will become.

Although she woke up sick, she braved the day (as I knew she would) and is now ready for this evenings celebrations. The plan is to have a girls night out with Dallas, get mani’s/pedi’s at the spa, go out for hibachi & sushi, and finish the night off with an Odd Future cake and candles. I’m sure there will be plenty of photos taken throughout the night and I will post those later.

For now, I would like to send the biggest, brightest, and best birthday wishes to my girl, Mikayla. Happy Little 15, Killah! You’re one of kind and I’m proud to call you mine.

“She wants to see with your eyes, she wants to smile with your smile.
She wants a nice surprise, every once in a while.
Little 15”