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Post Election Hangover

Monday night, the night before the Presidential Elections, I was consumed with pre-election coverage. I flipped back and forth between every news channel, completely absorbed. Fox News ran a segment regarding the blue laws in some states, including South Carolina (where my sister lives.) I was shocked to learn the liquor stores would not be selling in addition to bars and restaurants.

I decided to send the Sis a text to let her know to stock up supplies. She would either be celebrating or drowning her sorrows, either way, she needed some booze!

True to her word, my sister Kat embarked on a journey to purchase some booze from various places including bars, package stores, restaurants, and bars & grills. These are her results:

Juniors Sports Bar – serving
Local Liquor Store – liquor side closed, beer & wine side open
Ruby Tuesdays Restaurant – serving
Chiefs Bar & Grill – serving
My Sister Kat – slurring (all in the name of research!)

I felt like a jerk sending her on a seemingly fruitless quest, but she didn’t seem to mind at all! I guess I misunderstood the rules, the establishments don’t know/care about the rules, or the rules simply aren’t enforced in her area of South Carolina.

The lesson here? I can always count on my sister to come through for me, no matter how large or small the favor is!

Me & Kat – I don’t know what year this picture was taken, but my perm is almost as glorious as her hickey. Almost.



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