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2 Dogs, 1 Door

I have a porch door that leads out to my courtyard and is the main entry and exit to our home. It never gets latched because we have a wrought iron fence and gate that we lock religiously. When we first moved in the house, we only had one dog, Pony Boy. He is a laid back kind of dog and usually just chills around the house, napping like a cat. When I brought home a new boxer pup we named Bailey, he was less than enthused. Over time, they developed a sibling-like relationship that was mostly battles with a side of love.

Now that we have had both dogs for quite some time now, we’ve all settled nicely into one big happy dysfunctional family. We all have our little quirks and irks, but in the end, we pull together to get through the rough times.

One thing we’ve noticed, and we all find odd:
When we open the front door to let the dogs out, Pony Boy just stands there and waits for you to open the porch door; Bailey just pushes the door open with her paw or her snout. It’s so weird. When they go out together, Bailey goes first with Pony Boy all up in her bidnezz, trying to hurry and get outside before the porch door swings shut.

Pony Boy

I think this is what “puppy love” means.


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14 thoughts on “2 Dogs, 1 Door

  1. That’s because Bailey has taken over the Aloha role. Happened with my pooches back when we had a kennel. After we got Charlie, he assumed the alpha male role from Max (after he got really old) but Banjo was the only one he never tried to assert his dominance on as she would kick his ass.


    1. Yeah, but they aren’t like that. Pony is still the the alpha dog. I just don’t think Pony Boy wants to be bothered with opening the porch door. He’s either too lazy or thinks he is big shit, and expects the door to be opened for him.


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