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Oh Brother…

My sister Kat and I are almost exactly 2 years apart, with me being the youngest. From birth, we were very best friends. That has never changed. We’ve lived in different states since I was 16, but we still have no one closer to our hearts than each other. Though we both have busy lives with full time jobs, houses to keep up with, children & grandchildren, and active social lives, we still manage to call or text each other nearly every day. I don’t think there are many people in the world that are as lucky as we are to have each other.

We have an older brother, Brett. He is 6 years my senior. I don’t recall ever being in the same school at the same time as him. Brett and I were close as well. He was especially influential in my musical tastes. Brett was very protective of us and made sure to include us as often as possible, even when it meant he had to drag us along on one of his high school adventures. Once my Dad passed, he took on an even more protective role. Those were large shoes to fill for a guy still in college. Brett and I don’t talk nearly as often as Kat and I do. In fact, we mostly just text. He loves my children dearly and is especially attached to my son, Brandon. (I think after growing up with 2 sisters, he’s ready to have another dude in his life!) Bran goes to visit my bro, usually at Christmas, Spring Break, and a week in the Summer. They both look forward to it very much and it makes me happy to see them bond so well. Brett helps with back-to-school clothes and supplies for him. This year, Brett bought him two awesome pairs of shoes, one pair of Vans & one pair of Osiris. (Brandon is the only dude I’ve ever met that was a bigger shoe whore than I am!)

My brother does cool stuff for my girls, too, but yesterday takes the cake. My company held our “End of the Season” party, starting out with a 5 hour float trip down the Guadalupe followed by a catered dinner riverside, filled with drunken debauchery. Perfect. I had my daughters come out for pulled pork and potato salad so they could end the evening with us. We all had a great time. The girls headed back home while Sandy and I stopped for a few needed items. I arrived at the house to find two large empty boxes sitting on my front porch. Wondering what was up, I stepped inside the foyer, and this is what I was met with…


Sixteen packages of twenty-count diapers Brett had sent my daughter Dallas for my grandson Lyric! “OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed as I covered my mouth with one hand and covered my heart with the other. The girls were sitting on the sofa and started cracking up when they saw my expression! “I know, Mom, can you believe it? I’ll never have to buy diapers again!” Dallas said. I wanted to get in my truck and drive to Houston just so I could hug my brother and thank him in person. If ever anyone was moved to tears because of diapers, they weren’t nearly as moved as I was last night.

After getting in bed, I thought of my sister. I took that pic of the diaper pyramid and sent it to her with the caption, “Look what Brett sent Dallas!” Her reply was almost immediate and in true Kat fashion, it was witty & perfect :

“Are those diapers? Looks like stacked bricks of gold! (basically, the same thing!!)
She was right.

Momma sure did a good job with her 3 kids.


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