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24 Carat Something…

Just a sample of the kind of conversations I have with my 14 year old daughter, Mikayla.

Mikayla: “Hey Mom, have you seen 24 Carat?”
Me: “I don’t think so. Is that a movie?”
Mikayla: “No, that’s my new pet!”
Me: “Pet? What pet?”
Mikayla: “He’s in my room. Wanna see?”
Me: “Holy crap, Mikayla! I thought we agreed not to bring anything else in the house that poops!”
Mikayla: “I don’t think he poops, Mom.”
Me: “Doesn’t poop? What is he? A pet rock?”
Mikayla: “Um, I’m not really sure what he is. I’ve got him in an aquarium. Here, see?”
Me: (nervously peering into the aquarium) “There is nothing there… (frantic) Oh my God, did he get loose in the house?!”
Mikayla: Uuhhh, oh! Wait, there he is!

Straining, I look in the aquarium and finally catch a glimpse of 24 Carat. I don’t know what he is either. Most likely a reptile or amphibian. He is kind of like a slug with feet and a tail. Not really a lizard or salamander, more like a tiny alien. I don’t know where she got him, what she feeds him, or why she named him 24 Carat, but he seems to be doing just fine. Also, I’m not entirely convinced he poops, so I guess he can stay.


I'm a forty-something river goddess, music enthusiast, campground manager, wife, momma to nine, and doting grandmother to four... Mostly, I'm just a gal that has a lot to say.

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