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100 Things In Life I Want My Grandson To Know


My Dearest Lyric,

When your Mommy came to me at the tender young age of 15 to tell me she was pregnant, I was overcome with emotion. I felt sad for her that her whole life would change forever. I felt happy for her that her whole life would change forever. What I didn’t realize at the time was that MY whole life would change forever in the most fantastic and amazing way! I’ve compiled this list for you to always refer back to, no matter how old you are. I love you more than I love ICEE’s, and I really, really love ICEE’s.

100 Things In Life I Want My Grandson To Know

1. God loves you, no matter what you’ve done, his love won’t falter.
2. Your Mommy loves you. The love I see in her eyes for you is exactly like the love in my eyes for her.
3. Work hard & be nice to people. It’s not just a saying, these are words to live by.
4. There’s no place like Texas; there’s no place like home. ALWAYS come back to Texas.
5. Learn my mothers recipe for meatloaf & make it for me at least twice a year. Make it for your wife more often.
6. Fight a government that wants to take your freedoms & your guns. NEVER let them take your guns.
7. Punctuality is important. Don’t make others wait for you, even though you are worth the wait.
8. Take care of your teeth.
9. Socks and sandals are NEVER acceptable.
10. Keep a running bucket list & actually cross things off the list. Add new things to the list often.
11. When possible, stand up for the little guy. He needs you. Maybe one day he will be the big guy!
12. Your Auntie ‘M’ will let you stay up past bedtime and watch cartoons with her. Ssshhh, don’t tell Mommy.
13. You learned how to use my iPod before you were 1, and you always pick Social Distortion. \m/
14. Learn to play a musical instrument, even if it’s just the cowbell. Christopher Walken needs more cowbell.
15. Don’t let the beginning of your sentence start in the middle of someone else’s sentence. Ever.
16. Teach your children how to change a tire & change the oil in their car, even if you only have girls.
17. Say grace before dinner & say your prayers before bed. Every night.
18. Take a walk on the wild side, dare to be different.
19. Read Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” often. No matter how old you are. Pass it down to your children.
20. Know who Boo Radley, Holly Golightly, and Mr. Darcy are.
21. No matter how many times it gets broken, don’t be afraid to give your whole heart away.
22. Time heals all wounds.
23. Your Uncle Brandon will teach you everything you need to know about video games.
24. Your Grammy will teach you Tetris & Galaga.
25. Own the entire Star Wars series.
26. Keep a journal, you’ll be happy you did when you get older.
27. Apologize when necessary, even if it feels like the hardest thing to do.
28. Own up to your mistakes and fix them. Don’t pass the buck.
29. Pay the toll for the car behind you as often as you can.
30. Make time for yourself. Sometimes, solitude is the best company.
31. When asked a favor & you can do it, do it. A small effort on your part may make a HUGE difference for someone else.
32. Harry Potter > Twilight.
33. Go to as many concerts as you can. There is nothing in the world like live music!
34. Read at least 10 new books a year. I will buy you a Kindle.
35. Loose lips sink ships. Keep a secret. You are trusted.
36. Don’t live beyond your means.
37. Sing with your friends at a karaoke bar, no matter how terrible your singing voice may be.
38. Southern Hospitality is NOT an antiquated notion. Live it.
39. Learn the waltz, the frug, the robocop, the smurf, how to mosh, and the art of stage-diving. I can help.
40. Keep all of your concert ticket stubs. You’ll regret it later if you don’t.
41. The Dallas Cowboys are the greatest team in the NFL.
42. Eat black-eyed peas on New Years Day.
43. Always leave a few bites of “manners” on your plate at a dinner party.
44. Dogs really are mans best friend.
45. Dress up for Halloween every year of your life.
46. Always open the door for a lady.
47. You may not believe me now, but naps are a good thing.
48. Planning is important, but spontaneity is the spice of life. Fly by the seat of your pants on occasion.
49. Take your family camping, build a campfire & make s’mores at least once a year.
50. Never for money, always for love. ~Simple Minds
51. Keep a tidy home, but don’t let it get in the way of the time you spend with your family.
52. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Really, it’s just not that important in the grand scheme of things.
53. Take frequent road trips.
54. Don’t give up. The harder the struggle, the greater the reward.
55. No matter how old you are, you will always have a home to come back to.
56. When in doubt, choose “C” on multiple choice tests.
57. I will always forgive you. So will God.
58. Learn all the words to “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
59. Life is not fair. I wish it was, but sometimes you will get screwed. Don’t dwell on it.
60. Take risks, but use protection.
61. Sad songs say so much.
62. If no one can agree on dinner, always pick Mexican food.
63. Remember The Alamo.
64. Learn how to make a brisket.
65. There are plenty of fish in the sea, don’t mess with one that has already been caught.
66. Take tons of pictures. Document your memories.
67. Poor grammar is a turn off.
68. Travel anywhere & everywhere you can. Texas is big, the world is bigger.
69. It’s okay to have an imaginary friend as a child. It is not okay to have one as an adult.
70. Never have your home office in your bedroom.
71. Plant a tree in honor of someone special and watch it grow through the years.
72. Learn to play chess.
73. When you are successful, don’t forget about those that helped get you there.
74. Be a defensive driver. Avoid having road rage. (Unlike your Grammy.)
75. Drink responsibly. I will come pick you up or pay for a cab at any hour if you have been drinking.
76. Be careful what you post on the internet. Once it’s there, you can’t take it back.
77. Be thankful.
78. Go to a 3 day music festival at least once in your life.
79. Visit Las Vegas & have the time of your life. Just don’t do it Hangover-style.
80. Don’t dive head first into unclear waters.
81. Learn how to play Risk: The Game of World Domination. You’ll learn geography that way.
82. Be frugal, but not cheap. Learn the difference.
83. “Pleases,” “Thank-You’s,” “Sirs,” & “Ma’ams” should be in your everyday vocabulary. Be polite.
84. Make a wish on a turkey wish-bone at Thanksgiving.
85. Tape your fortunes from fortune cookies to your bathroom mirror when you find them inspiring.
86. Bring an umbrella. This is Texas, you never know when it will rain.
87. Karma is only a bitch if you are one first.
88. Have a tea party with your daughter. Uncle Lu can tell you what to do.
89. The Beatles are overrated. The Rolling Stones are not.
90. Keep your fingernails & toenails neatly trimmed & for the love of God, don’t chew them!
91. Get some wheels under your feet. Go rollerskating, rollerblading, skateboarding, & bike riding. (Make sure you wear a helmet over that halo!)
92. Idle hands are the devils playthings.
93. Call your Grammy often. Call your Mother more.
94. Learn how to bait a hook. Only keep what you’ll eat, throw back the rest. Grandpa will teach you.
95. For every situation, there is a Bowling For Soup song. Own their entire back catalog.
96. If you’re afraid to come to me or your Mom, go to Aunt Kat. She will fix everything.
97. Know your family history. We are a pretty awesome group of people.
98. Don’t let your pride get in the way of something extraordinary.
99. Get a tattoo. (Just not on your face or hands, please!)
100. Be YOU. Live for you, represent yourself. Our family will have expectations of you, but in the end, you will not be happy with yourself unless you are yourself.

I love you to the moon & back,